Trinidad man taken to hospital after climbing cell tower, singing soca

The cell tower at St Mary’s, Moruga, where a man climbed up on Tuesday.

(Trinidad Guardian) A Moru­ga man who climbed a 200-foot cell tow­er, singing so­ca and per­form­ing ac­ro­bat­ics has been tak­en to hos­pi­tal for ob­ser­va­tion.

The man, of Basse Terre, Moru­ga was seen climb­ing up the tow­er around 11 am on Tues­day.

He was heard singing so­ca hits loud­ly and when he reached the top of the tow­er he be­gan yank­ing the cell tow­er pan­els, an eye­wit­ness said.

Scores of peo­ple lined St Mary’s Road tak­ing pho­tos and videos of the ac­ro­bat­ics with their cell­phones.

Rick Joseph said he saw the man scal­ing up and down the tow­er at least three times.

Six po­lice of­fi­cers re­spond­ed but none of them was trained to climb the tow­er. The man be­gan pulling off his clothes and swing­ing from bar to bar. On sev­er­al oc­ca­sions, on­look­ers thought the man was about to fall off but at the last mo­ment he got back his bal­ance. The com­mo­tion went on for al­most three hours.

“He was stand­ing on his hand. He swing from side to side. He was sit­ting swing­ing his foot. Is loud so­ca we heard from up there,” a res­i­dent said.

A fire of­fi­cer man­aged to grab hold of the man be­fore he could climb back up. He was placed in an am­bu­lance and tak­en to the hos­pi­tal.

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