Trinidad: Bad barbecue sends 18 pupils to hospital

The Emergency Department of the San Fernando General Hospital.

(Trinidad Express) Several pupils attending the San Fernando A.S.J.A Girls’ College fell ill after eating a barbecued chicken meal at a school fund raiser on Friday.

South West Regional Health Authority Chief Executive Officer Keith Mc Donald confirmed the pupils were treated and discharged.

He said 18 pupils were treated.

He said a few girls received intravenous fluids at the Emergency Department of the San Fernando General Hospital.

A parent of one of the girls taken to hospital said she received a call around 2:15 pm that her daughter had fallen sick.

The mother said she was concerned about the events leading up to the incident.

“I am upset and worried. I am thankful she (daughter) is getting the treatment now but all of this was not supposed to happen. She went to school as normal today and now we are in the hospital,” said the mother.

A school source said when the girls began feeling ill, the school administration, staff and parents on the compound acted promptly. Paramedics and parents were contacted immediately and every precautionary measure was taken to ensure the well-being of the students.

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