Trinidad: Third police officer held in gang link probe

(Trinidad Guardian) A third police officer has been detained for allegedly helping criminal gangs.

The officer, who had been suspended from duty last year on charges of common assault, was held on Sunday, according to senior investigators.

Two other police officers, one of whom is closely related to former Police Commissioner Stephen Williams, were detained on Friday and remained in police custody.

Guardian Media understands that officers of the Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit (OCIU) submitted a file to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) yesterday but were instructed to re-interview the ex-commissioner’s relative before seeking further instructions.

Both men are being held at a police station in Port-of-Spain.

Guardian Media reported on Sunday that Williams’ relative and another 39-year-old police constable were arrested by the OCIU at the Arouca Police Station, shortly after they returned from the Tunapuna Magistrates’ Court.

The lockers of both officers were searched, their cellphones seized and their homes were later searched.

The arrests come after months of surveillance of several police officers suspected of facilitating gang activity, including the transportation of narcotics and other contraband across the country.

Guardian Media was informed that part of the alleged facilitating was the tipping-off of rival gangs during turf wars and police raids.

Earlier last week, members of an Arouca-based gang were taken into custody by the OCIU. They allegedly gave information about the involvement of several police officers in their criminal network.


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