Killing of Trinidad woman devastates co-workers, students

Pandroutie Sinanan

(Trinidad Express) Sital College is mourning and celebrating the life of Pandroutie “Pamela” Sinanan, who was killed and her body found in the Fullerton Beach last Thursday, four days after she disappeared.

Sinanan, 55, was last seen near her home at First Street, Maingot Road, Tacarigua last Monday morning, on her way to work at SITAL College where she was a member of the administrative team.

The next time anyone knew anything was when relatives went to the Forensic Science Centre, St James to identify her body.

An autopsy could not find the cause of death, but the pathologist ruled that it was “unnatural”.

In a post on social media, SITAL College remembered Sinanan as “ decent, honest and hardworking”.

According to the school: “She chose to live her life humbly, and was very much liked by employees and directors alike. Although she worked quietly in the background, she contributed significantly to the lives of many students over the years.

She started her career in the banking sector and came to us 13 years ago after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. She worked as a computer teacher and was subsequently promoted to an administrative position, where she delivered impeccable work. She paid great attention to detail, and never compromised the integrity of her responsibilities.

“Every one of us has fond memories of Pamela and we will honour her memory for a long time to come. We realise now that she was not just liked, but that she was loved by many of her colleagues.

“We will remember you for your smile, the way you went about your day, the little personality quirks that we understood, your goodness and your kindness. Your memories will always remain with your SITAL family. Our heartfelt condolences go out to her family and loved ones.

“We pray that your soul will rest in eternal peace Pamela – you will always be treasured”.

Police have shared no possible motive for the killing, and it is a mystery how Sinan’s body ended up on the beach in Cedros. Investigators believe she died soon after going missing.

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