Trinidad soldier killed

The business where Mark St Cyr was shot and killed at Claxton Bay Junction.

(Trinidad Guardian) A Carnival Tuesday lime at Claxton Bay Junction turned deadly when a masked gunman opened fire on a soldier, killing him instantly in front of family and friends.

Soldier Mark St Cyr, 33, of Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas, died when the gunman fired at him at point-blank range before fleeing through some bushes at the back of St Cyr’s clothing store. St Cyr operated a clothes store and a car wash in a building, which also houses Side’s Bar.

His friend Kyle Wellington, who works at the bar, said he was inside when he heard three gunshots. When he ran outside, he saw St Cyr bleeding on the ground. They called an ambulance but Wellington said by the time the paramedics arrived St Cyr was dead.

Wellington said the cold-blooded murder had left him traumatised.

“He got hit from the back. The crowd just scatter when the gunshots went off. His wife started to bawl and cry. The yard was full of people and someone walked in from behind the bar and fired,” Wellington said.

He said the three shots hit St Cyr.

“He just went into unconsciousness after. He is a normal man, two children, he talks to everyone. He was an army man. He normally comes here because he has a business there. He sells drinks, clothes and snacks. It hurt me to know what happened. He was like a brother to me. He helped me a lot, anything I wanted I would get it from him,” Wellington said.

He urged citizens to be careful with whom they were liming with.

“Take your time and watch out with those you are moving around with. Things really hard out here,” Wellington added.

Police said they are yet to ascertain a motive for the shooting and no arrests have yet been made. Officers of the Homicide Bureau are continuing investigations. A post mortem will be done at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, today.


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