Three abducted Trinidadian men released after brutal beating

(Trinidad Express) The three friends who were taken by men pretending to be police officers have been released.

The men were found in Calcutta No 1, after contact was made to their relatives.

Kazim Hosein said his son, Shazam Hosein, called him and the elder Hosein contacted the police.

He said no ransom was paid.

Shazam Hosein, 30 and brothers Sunil, 23 and Aaron Roopnarine,19, were taken by men claiming to be police officers while they were at a parlour near their Uquire Road, Freeport home around 4 p.m. on Saturday. The men demanded money.

Hosein said he saw his son after his release and he was badly beaten on his head and feet and also his had a broken hand. “They beat him real bad, Sunil (Roopnarine) get real licks too. They say he take licks for his brother (Aaron Roopnarine) too,” Kazim Hosein said.

He told the Express that when his son call and told of his release, the police was immediately contacted, “We didn’t want to go because we were in fear and didn’t know if they were wanted to kidnap anyone else.”

The three were taken to the Freeport health facility for treatment.

Hosein was happy his son was alive and was in high praise of the police officers who were involved in the case.

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