Trinidad Pundit shot, worshiper killed during Pooja

Pooja -File

(Trinidad Express) A man was shot dead and a pundit injured during a Pooja (Hindu prayer service) in Hardbargain near Princes Town on Tuesday.

Joseph Narine, 60, was shot multiple times, and the pundit Shervon Narad was struck twice by a thief who ambushed them in Narine’s home.

Around 11.30 p.m. Narine and Narad were saying religious prayers when a gunman entered the house.

The criminal announced a hold up and Narine handed over a quantity of jewellery.

But the man opened fire on Narine and Narad.

Narine was shot in the head and upper body, and died at the scene.

Narad was shot in the chest and abdomen.

Narad was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital and warded.

Insp Nanan and officers of the Princes Town CID and Southern Division Task Force responded, as well as WPC Valdez and officers of Homicide Region III.

The killing took the murder toll to 110 according to an Express tally.

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