Trinidad: Task force setup to find killers of Sheldon Sukhdeo and family

Rachael and Sheron Sukhdeo. Source: Facebook

(Trinidad Express) A special investigations unit has been assigned to find who killed Sheron Sukhdeo and his friends and relatives.

The special team consists of detectives of the Homicide Division and other agencies assigned to investigate only these killings.

March 26 marked one year since multi-millionaire car and real estate dealer Sukhdeo was gunned down near his wife’s relatives’ home in Charlieville.

On what would have been his 34th birthday on February 3, his widowed wife, Rachael Sukhdeo, and their two children cut a cake and sang happy birthday to Sukdeo at their mansion at Orchard Gardens, Chaguanas.

Rachael Sukhdeo also played mas for Carnival, and posted a picture in her costume on social media.

“No Monday blues over here”, she wrote on her Facebook page with a picture of her at the beach a week before the one year anniversary of Sukhdeo’s killing.

Sheron Sukhdeo with wife Rachael

Two months ago, Sukhdeo’s brother Sheldon was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head six weeks after he was abducted.

The history of violence that has followed the Sukhdeo family has been documented in the media since 2016. Sheldon’s brother, millionaire car and real estate dealer Sheron Sukhdeo, 28, first appeared in the Chaguanas court in February 2016 charged with committing the act of assault occasioning actual bodily harm against his wife at their Orchard Gardens, Chaguanas, home.

The charges were laid after his wife Rachael Sukhdeo posted photos of her alleged injuries on social media, with blue and black marks on the face, chest and legs.

The posts sparked national outrage, with women groups speaking up, and the police taking the woman to a safe house. Months later the mother of two told the court that they had reconciled and she no longer wished to pursue the matter. The case was dismissed after she said she was not forced, threatened or induced into her decision and the case was dismissed.

Sheldon Sukhdeo (left) and his deceased brother Sheron

On Carnival Monday 2017, Sheron Sukhdeo was again hauled before the court charged with receiving two stolen cars and fraud.

The case was not yet settled in court when on March 26, 2018, in a hail of bullets near his wife’s relatives home at Charlieville on March 26,

Sheron Sukhdeo was murdered. Two weeks later, his brother in law brother, Phillip Bassant was gunned down at the very corner.

Sheron Sukhdeo’s neighbour, Joshua Plaza, 21, was killed on April 22. The multi-millionaire’s employee Erwin Beckles was shot dead on May 14.

Luxury cars outside the home of Sheron Sukhdeo

Rachael Sukhdeo and their two children had fled palatio their palatial home days after Sheron Sukhdeo’s funeral.

The barbed wire, secured to lengths of steel, surrounds the perimeter and stands more than 20 feet tall at the property at the corner of Xavier and Tenth Streets.

The Express was told that Sukdeo’s car dealership is being managed by his colleagues.

Known as “World Boss”, Sukhdeo owned a fleet of at least 15 luxury vehicles, eight speed boats, ten jet skis and two small aircraft, as well as two buses, 12 mini vans, and four taxis. He was also the owner of seven houses and six apartments. According to someone close to the family, he also recently bought a restaurant and owned other businesses.Police are still on a fact finding mission to determine what happened that night and with the other killings.

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