Trinidad: Men asking for help at the door, kill owner

Killed: Jonathan Romain

(Trinidad Express) Killers pretending to have car trouble shot and killed an ex-convict outside his house in Biche on Saturday night.

Johnathan “Black Jack” Romain, 30, was shot multiple times outside his home at Cunapo Southern Main Road.

Around 7 p.m. Romain, was at home with his wife and two children when a dark coloured vehicle with three men stopped at the gate.

The killers called at the house and when Romain came to the door they told him that they were having

mechanical problems with the radiator of their car.

Romain went out to assist and one of the men opened fire on him.

As Romain collapsed on the road, another man exited the vehicle and stood over him and shot him multiple times.

The killers sped off in their vehicle.

Residents took Romain to the Rio Claro Health Centre where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

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