The protest outside the Queens Park Oval in Port of Spain

(Trinidad Express) On the night before the final day of the Venezuelan migrant registration process, a protest erupted outside the Queens Park Oval in Port of Spain, triggering a police response led by Commissioner Gary Griffith.

“Close the borders” the protesters chanted as Griffith met and spoke with several people warning of the danger of demonstrating at night and warning them to stay off the road.

“Call the election” and “Rowley must go” others yelled.

Friday will mark the final day of the two week long registration process that Government has ordered, which will given Venezuelan nationals the right to seek employment on a temporary basis.

The Queens Park Oval is one of three registration centres which have all been overwhelmed by the number of Venezuelans seeking to register.

There have been calls for the registration deadline to be extended but this is being rejected by Government.

There is no accurate count of how many Venezuelans have crossed over into Trinidad, fleeing the economic and political chaos in Venezuela.

Some believe it could number in the tens of thousands.

There has been a backlash from a significant portion of the local population which many condemning Government’s policy of allowing in so many Venezuelans.

Some have called for mass arrests and deportations.

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