Sir Fenton was an expansive mind

Dear Editor,

It is with heavy heart that one embraces the very profound sentiments expressed by Mr C.V. Satram, Attorney-at-Law, at the passing of a true nobleman, Sir Fenton Ramsahoye, whom, along with younger Pratesh Satram and colleague Tony Vieira, I came into regular contact whenever he re-visited his home in Guyana.

Sir Fenton was an expansive mind which, without any conscious effort to deprecate the enquirer, reduced most issues to the understanding of the latter’s limitations. What an instructive and generous teacher he was!

Indeed, his practice before the Privy Council earned him recognition as being the most (if not the most) respected legal practitioner in the Commonwealth to appear before that august body.

His achievements included having won four consecutive decisions in appearance before the Council, for which he was appropriately recognised.

The loss of his talent and integrity is therefore not only to our legal profession, but to colleague minds across continents.

He remains a model to which current and later generations of legal practitioners should aspire.

Yours faithfully

E.B. John

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