Charrandass Persaud has traded duty and honour

Dear Editor,

In 1998, I was a Member of Parliament and found myself at odds with the policies of the party/government of the day, the PPP; I resigned from Parliament and from the PPP and publicly denounced the lack of democracy in the PPP and their governmental misdirection in developing  Guyana’s economy, among other major mistakes (coalition politics, decentralism of the bureaucracy, making sure to make the private sector the real engine of growth – which the PPP disagreed with). But, Editor, even though I was angry at the PPP leadership for their unbending and blinkered approach to our country’s best interests, I gave them back their seat and left Parliament- I could have stayed and voted with the opposition but I did the right thing and gave the PPP  their seat. Unfortunately, there has been no change in the PPP’s approach to political reality as we see with the elevation of candidate Ali to run for President of our Republic after ripping the Party apart with the losses of Moses, Khemraj, Ralph and others and with the hold of the Party’s “jugular” firmly in the hands of the Gang of 8. Let no-one doubt that the Gang of 8 is really a communist cabal with “democratic centralism” as their mantra – a mantra of lies and deception to cloak undemocratic practices like the “elevation” of I. Mohammed Ali.  Poor Anil, Dr, Persaud and Frank – they never had a chance!

 Editor, I condemn and decry the motives of Charrandass Persaud in plunging this Republic into a chaotic uncertainty. Persaud is a traitor to the very concepts of “do the right thing” and “walk a straight line” by not resigning from Parliament and giving his seat back to the AFC. In the 2015 election, this man cussed out the PPP leadership and now has succumbed just like Vincent Teekah, Ranji Chandisingh and others who betrayed President Cheddi in the past. Persaud has traded duty and honour; he has traded loyalty to his nation to loyalty to the Gang of 8 – a gang of communists who control the PPP and are admirers of Maduro and Putin; he has traded peace and tranquility in our Republic for racial animosities.

Yours faithfully,

Cheddi (Joey) Jagan (Jr.)

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