Breach in Providence river defence sealed

Dear Editor,

During the spring tide a section of the earthen embankment was breached at Providence, East Bank Demerara along the Demerara River which resulted in localized flooding. However, residents in proximity of the breach were not affected.

The Sea and River Defence Department immediately mobilized a contractor with an excavator to seal the breach. The breach was successfully sealed on February 21, 2019 before the next spring tide and currently works are ongoing which entails the incorporation of timber revetment to fortify and stabilize the vulnerable sections.

The Sea and River Defence personnel are currently carrying out a condition assessment of the river defence along the East Bank of Demerara to prevent reoccurrence of such a situation.

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure along with the Sea and River Defence Department wishes to advise residents within the coastal areas to desist from cutting of the natural mangrove and to refrain from squatting along the river defence and/or reserves.

Yours faithfully,

Krest Cummings

Public Relations Officer

Ministry of Public Infrastructure

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