Father Hardless made remarkable sacrifices to serve the people of Guyana

Dear Editor,

A legendary Catholic Priest, Fr Keith Hardless departs from this world to be with God. I write this letter for various reasons but an important reason is, Fr Keith invariably acknowledged any letter that was written in newspapers. I had the privilege of serving the people alongside with Fr Keith. Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, “A sacrifice to be real, must hurt, must cost and must empty ourselves.” This summarizes Fr. Keith’s life as a priest and as an astonishing human being. He made remarkable sacrifices to serve the people of Guyana. Almost all Catholics in Guyana would have had an unforgettable and tender encounter with Fr Keith.

His contribution in Church and to the Guyanese populace is enormous. He served in the Diocese of Georgetown as a parish priest in several parishes. He accompanied young and old and has left a legacy in their hearts as a priest of the people. Young and old approached him without any hesitation for he had a knack of relating to people of any age. His kind words of encouragement have resonated among the people that he served. I have vivid memories of care and concern towards the youth of Guyana. His love for the poor has been obvious in his lifestyle and through feeding of the hungry. He served in Guyana ever since he arrived in 1971.

He will be greatly missed by scores of people in Guyana and abroad. His pleasant demeanour and a cheerful word of comfort will be missed. His legacy of love, care, cheerfulness and sacrifice will live in our hearts.

Yours faithfully,

Jerri Dias

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