Supersede did not mean letters to GECOM contradicted each other

Dear Editor,

Referring to me, in his Press Conferences, seems to have become one of Jagdeo`s fetishes, when it suits his purpose, to do. He has on more than one occasion mentioned that I said that ‘Granger`s second letter of February 25, 2019 to the Commission superseded the first letter of the said date’. His intention is to use my credibility to authenticate his contention that the second letter contradicts the first although President Granger clarified this matter and distanced himself from Jadgeo`s contention of what I said.

May I therefore, by reference to the confirmed minutes, of February 28, 2019, of GECOM, place on public record what I actually said and meant. I said “Commissioner Alexander stated that while he maintained his earlier view on the supersession of the letters, in his opinion supersede did not mean that the letters contradicted each other. He said that the first letter urged the Com-mission to prepare for elections and the second letter requested a consultation on GECOM`s readiness.”

Jagdeo has either been misinformed by those who report to him on GECOM`s meetings or is blatant and malicious in his continuous misrepresentation of what I said.

Yours faithfully,

Vincent Alexander



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