Dear Editor,

I make reference to Mr Ali’s statement at the recently concluded Babu John Memorial for the late Father of the Nation, President Cheddi Jagan. In Mr Ali’s laughable speech, he made a comparison to himself and Dr Jagan, which the sane mind would think will shock the PPP and the rest of the country. However, after learning of Mr Ali’s selection as the Presidential Candidate, the nation is now prepared for anything.

Mr Ali said that he is like President Jagan and is a man of the people and he has been amongst the average Guyanese folks of late. How hilarious! Of late he has been amongst Guyanese folks? What about when he was Minister? The same persons he cussed and chased out of his office are now the same people whose support he’s begging.

Mr Ali would do well to know that Dr Jagan was among the Guyanese people even when he was President, and during his time in the opposition. Dr Jagan didn’t play petty politics to dupe unsuspecting Guyanese; his attempts were genuine and honest.

If Mr Ali remembers anything about President Jagan, he would do well to document two things; one, Dr Jagan lived humbly, there was never 30-million dollar SUVs, pool houses and extravagant lifestyles. Secondly, Dr Jagan had the sympathy, if not the electoral support of many Guyanese from across ethnic lines. Can Mr Ali say the same?

In addition Mr Editor, Dr Jagan attained his qualification legitimately and was well respected in the medical profession. Dr Jagan was a simple family man, he had only one wife and was never accused of sexual promiscuity.

Mr. Editor, I remember Dr Jagan quite fondly. I don’t know if Irfaan Ali does, but Mr Ali is nothing like Dr Jagan and I condemn any such comparison. Any comparison that even insinuates such is riddled with stupidity.

Yours faithfully,

Gerald Singh

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