Dianne Henry should be granted national recognition for her heroic efforts

Dear Editor,

On the 14th March 2019, the Guyana Chronicle newspaper carried an article of an ordinary woman (Dianne Henry) who placed her husband (a farmer) in a canoe and paddled for about 40 miles to seek medical attention for him, due to a snake bite he received. He subsequently died. What a sad story, but also one that epitomized womanhood. Incidentally, this nightmare unfolded while the world observed International Women’s Day.

Please permit me to offer condolences to the woman and other grieving relatives of the deceased. In addition, I hereby commend Ms. Henry for standing by (rowing for) her husband, for what certainly must have been not only a physically demanding feat of dexterity, paddling for several hours, but also of mental, emotional and spiritual anguish.

Will this woman be granted national recognition for her heroic efforts and be accorded the status to be among the other worthy recipients of national awards for the observance of international Women’s Day 2020? My choice. After all, we celebrated the British rower

Yours faithfully,

Bernel L.H Wickham

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