There can be no sand dancing by MPs on this issue of dual citizenship

Dear Editor,

It is unnecessary for me to state that I may be the only Founder Member of the People’s National Congress alive today.

As a teenager, I joined the anti-colonial struggle led by our two political giants, Dr. Cheddi B. Jagan and Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham and experienced the trials, tribulations and triumphs that won us Independence in 1966.

There is no one alive, I challenge, who has made a greater personal sacrifice than myself for the ascendancy and viability of the People’s National Congress and I remain a solid and unshakable supporter of President David Granger and the Coalition Government.

After Independence, through Republican status, we were led by men and women who were Patriots committed to the welfare of Guyana and to no other State always ensuring even as we collaborated with countries around the world that we never lost sight that Guyana’s interest should always be paramount.

In this context, our Leaders must know that our commitment to Guyana must neither be compromised nor put in doubt.

The question of Members of Parliament and in particular Ministers holding dual citizenship became a public issue recently and the Chief Justice determined that having allegiance to a State other than Guyana is a violation of the Constitution and, I add, inconsistent with the oath of office.

For me, the decision of the Court on this matter is almost otiose. For me, the greater concern is the fundamental question of loyalty and commitment to a cause and country.

The following three declarations were true yesterday, hold true today and forever.

If you chase two rabbits you will get neither.

You cannot serve two masters at the same time and

If you try to ride two asses at the same time, you will end up on your own ass.

There can be no vacillation, no procrastination and no sand dancing on this issue.

I have spoken with friends at home and abroad and in an attempt to attenuate this procrastination they have referred to the evil deeds and injustice of the other political group should they get into office.

I speak as one who has felt the full brunt of the cruelty of humanity and injustice that the other side is capable of.

My wife lost a job, some of my children were denied opportunities they were qualified for but be that as it may, being a Member of Parliament and in particular a Minister of the Government it is accepted that you must face the vagaries, fallouts and fortunes of high office.

Today, perception is important as we saddle up for the Election derby.

We must be confident that we will overcome all obstacles and that Guyana beckons great things ahead.

Let me add this caveat, many of us in Guyana have friends and family who are citizens in the Caribbean, South America, North America and Europe.

Those of us who stayed at home did so on the assumption that by our work, family and friends they returned to Guyana – the Eldorado to be realized.

I end by reminding us of our world famous Guyanese artiste Eddy Grant’s song – ‘ Living on the Frontline.’

Let our Ministers and Members of Parliament, be brave, be confident and do nothing to let the side down. Why wait for the 11th April?

You are on the Frontline.

Yours faithfully,

Hamilton Green


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