I don’t feel obligated to help reckless drivers

Dear Editor,

Every day I see people driving fast on the Mocha Road in Providence and I anticipated that one day I would witness an accident. And I always asked myself if I would help a speeding driver who is involved in an accident because of speeding.

Last week I witnessed an accident on the said road and the driver was speeding. My first thought was should I help him since he was speeding?

I didn’t want to be kind and help him, and I didn’t feel a moral obligation to help him.

Editor, I don’t have any problem helping a careful driver who is involved in an accident, but I cannot do the same for a reckless driver. Am I wrong for feeling this way? Do I have a moral and ethical duty to stop and render aid if I see a reckless driver drive into a trench?

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Pantlitz

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