Regulatory bodies need to act on GTT’s poor service

Dear Editor,

Mr. Tony Vieira’s very informed critique of GTT’s service to its customers, as published in SN of April 17, 2019, would certainly have attracted long queues of applauders, who cannot speak for themselves, whether or not online.

The point has to be reinforced that not only is GTT doing more in its robotics, but at the same time, doing much less in its service to human beings. The arrogance which combines with robotical deficiencies is palpable.

Just as how some brazen ‘customer servant’ could offer no accommodation for this prominent senior citizen, the government agency involved must send witnesses to report directly on the various scenarios of disenchantment experienced at GTT’s branches.

More importantly in stretched out lines of the younger, and stressed out lines of the senior. The Government should also publicise the role of the Public Utilities Commission and what instructions have been directed to it for appropriate regulatory action to be taken. They badly need to experience the time lines for accessing action from Directory Assistance.

Just listen for the repetitive message “Your call is important to us. Just wait for the next available customer service operator”. Silence – no one seems to have reported for work.

Will keep waiting while priority attention is paid to Mr. Vieira’s dilemma.

What is being done to establish the competition?

Yours faithfully,

E. B. John  

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