Dear Editor,

The ‘send a child to school initiative,’ is one which sought to equip school-aged children (nursery – secondary) with essential classroom items, with the aim of allowing our children an equal opportunity to the right to education/to be educated, as we believe “no child should be left behind, disregarded or disadvantaged,” as a result of a lack of anything.

This initiative is the brain child of Wendell Badrie – Radio announcer (NCN) – who with the help of a team of persons dedicated to the task, decided to host a ‘hot dog sale’ at the Kingston Seawall on Easter Monday (April 22), with the hope of raising enough funds to power this initiative.

It is with saddened hearts, broken spirits and shattered egos that we regretfully announce our plans were utterly unsuccessful.

Perhaps location, date and time of event or even last minute changes (not on our part), contributed to our failure; this does not mean however that we are ungrateful or bitter in anyway.

In fact, we are sincerely grateful to those persons who contributed and rode the ‘wagon’ with us from the beginning and to those who indirectly supported as well.

Special thanks to Nicola Schultz, Olivia Schultz, Moneice Edwards, Debbie Durbeej, Petal Ann Badrie, Lynette Badrie, Ewart Sampson, Faith Chesney, Myiesha Greaves, Amanda Wilkinson, Joshua Lowes, Noelie Malinda LaFleur,  Aunty Valerie, Bharrat Seokumar, Indira Madramootoo, Kavita Oudit and the many others whose names I may have failed to mention here.

Even though your contribution may have gone down the drain, the effort certainly wasn’t in vain; we’re going to come again; in spite the fact we are absolutely devastated by our severe loss and more so because we couldn’t accomplish the mission we have set out.

To conclude, as we head back to the drawing board; I on behalf of the team would like to once again thank everyone for their unrelenting support and wish to encourage you to keep supporting our youths as we strive to make Guyana better for not only them but every Guyanese.

God bless us all and remember, we are: “One People, One Nation, with One Destiny!”

Yours faithfully,

Wendell O. Badrie


The Send a child to school initiative

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