GFC staff need more info on restructuring

Dear Editor,

Much has been said over the past few weeks on the GFC restructuring and the dark cloud that staff have been placed under with this exercise. To date, staff have not been notified about this exercise and only bits and pieces have been filtering through informal channels. GFC is a public entity and so everyone must know to ensure all decisions are transparent and above board.

Staff need to know who is leading this mission. What is the genesis of this, has there been a gap assessment or this thing has been pulled from the wind? Why has the GFC staff union not been notified? Why is the GFC’s workers’ representative not involved?

It’s a whole secrecy and uncertainties are agitating staff. We the staff demand that this project be put on hold, let the Minister or the Board come and address us and tell us what is going on and we want to be involved. The GFC has 400 staff committed to the forest sector. Other sister agencies are not treated like this and we demand better….better must come.

Time to act now.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address supplied)