Tourism Authority should organise Earth Day Kite Festival each year

Dear Editor,

Kite flying is one of Guyana’s great traditions. It brings together adults and children and creates life-long memories. Whilst, it is associated with Easter in Guyana, kite flying has a long history.

Kites were first flown in China 2500 years ago by the Chinese philosopher Mi Di (Mozi). Marco Polo witnessed manned kite flying in 1250 and brought kites back to Europe via the Silk Route. Kites subsequently spread across Europe and then to the New World, the Americas. In the 18th and 19th centuries, kites were used as vehicles and tools for scientific research. Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Wilson used their knowledge of kite flying to learn about the wind and weather. The Wright Brothers’ experiments with kites contributed to the development of the airplane.

Today there are kite festivals around the world. There is the International Kite Festival in India, the Great Kite Festival in Japan and the Festival of the Wind in Australia. The Guyana Tourism Authority should organise an Earth Day Kite Festival each year. Earth Day was celebrated on the 22 April in 192 countries with various eco-conscious activities. Earth Day 2020 will be the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

No. 63 Beach in the Ancient County of Berbice would be a perfect location for such a kite festival.

Yours faithfully,

Robert S. Drepaul

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