Dear Editor,

This is my take on present-day politics at the macro level in Guyana.

The CCJ will skirt the true issue of the no-confidence motion and set some parameters for the next general elections in Guyana, to wit: Elections no later than November 2019. House-to-house registration should happen with a recommendation that the database be updatable progressively for future elections.

The AFC has committed hari-kari as an independent party and will be a millstone around the APNU’s neck in the coalition.

The APNU’s promises will continue to be empty and, unless oil physically delivers hard money, the promises will intensify. If President Granger cannot still be the Presidential Candidate for whatever reason, the APNU’s leadership will be seriously challenged to agree on another acceptable candidate.

The economy is significantly underperforming. Oil, the political football, is porous and needs constant inflation with numerous and varying hypes. The best that party will do, not discounting the popular view of possible rigging, will be 40 per cent at the polls.

The PPP/C support base is shaky but intact, notwithstanding dislike of its announced Presidential Candidate. If the Opposition Leader can subserve his penchant for total control, the candidate should be persuaded to opt out of the race and the decision makers at Freedom House should ask Frank Anthony to be that party’s Presidential Candidate. Anthony is acceptable across the political spectrum.

My theory is that the Opposition Leader is very amenable to a delayed election date. He needs time to “sell” Ali to the people, and a hard sell it is. If the party’s ears on the ground are reporting good news to Freedom House, those ears belong to opportunists.

Every effort will be made by the PPP/C to “rope” in the leaders of the smaller parties. Shuman is an attractive target.

With the right Presidential Candidate, the PPP/C will pull 44 per cent of votes cast. The field is open for deals.

Sadly for Guyanese, these deals simply do not work and inordinate resources are expended to fool the populace rather than move the country forward.

Aren’t we just marking time? Nothing seems to work in this country! It seems as if even God is afraid to intervene. He may be accused of ethnic leanings.

Yours faithfully,

Taajnauth Jadunauth

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