Dear Editor,

“Nrityageet has followed a path of diversity through dance, and Guyanese of all ethnic origins share and perform Indian dance of different dance styles…”

The writer can attest to having experienced the first performance by Nrityageet at Queen’s College and becoming a devotee throughout the years, including those when the group performed at the Chinese (Cosmos) Sports Club – an interlude omitted in the article published in SN of Saturday 27, 2019.

I saw the last show and look forward to attending this climactic performance. The Kathak has always been my favourite dance style. Indeed I have been so taken by Indian dancing that when India’s premier female dancer at the time, Nargis visited Guyana in early 1960s, as a young Personnel Officer at Blairmont Estate, Berbice, I managed to arrange for her to appear at the Community Centre there.

I had seen her on film at the Rosignol Cinema. She of course danced to recorded music but the movements of hands and even eyes (it was so close in that crowded space) provided me with a most memorable experience which I have enjoyed recounting time and again.

Thanks for the opportunity of saying how much in my old age I would miss the performances of Nrityageet.

Yours faithfully,

E. B. John

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