US ambassador has neither a historical nor moral right to lecture us on terrorism

Dear Editor,

Minutes before I wrote a letter to you, commending the APNU+AFC coalition for rightfully honouring the late Abdul Kadir, lo and behold, they changed their tune after the US ambassador to Guyana, one Sarah-Ann Lynch issued a stern rebuke. The legal minds in the coalition and all the big time lawyers in this country ought to know that the ambassador was completely out of order to condemn our supposedly sovereign government for their decision to honour the late Abdul Kadir.

The ambassador has the right to register her disapproval, however, the content, intent, tone and language of her condemnation demonstrates a total disregard for our National Assembly, a violation of our sovereignty, and contempt for our independence. We are not a colony, although there are many quislings in our midst who would like to revert us to the status of a neo-colony

Few among us would openly denounce the ambassador’s transgression, since they are more concerned about protecting their “sacred” visas, rather than standing up in defence of our right to self-determination. There is certainly no shortage of cowards in this country, and real patriots are hard to identify. It is in these times, we remember the courage of the late L.F.S. Burnham. Could any US ambassador have addressed him in such a manner. I think not.

Finally, someone needs to remind the good lady that 11 Guyanese were killed when an Air Cubana flight was bombed in 1976 by CIA-sponsored terrorists. Those responsible for the heinous crime were never extradited or prosecuted. Two of these criminals roamed the streets of Miami freely until they died of natural causes. Therefore, the ambassador has neither a historical nor moral right to lecture us on terrorism.

Yours faithfully,

Gerald A. Perreira,

Organization for the Victory

of  the People (OVP)  

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