All are agreed that the learning curve for Minister Cummings will be arduous

Dear Editor,                                                                                                          

First of all I wish to apologise unhesitatingly for what has been deemed an ‘overtly sexist attack’ on Dr. Karen Cummings. While admittedly there was the impetuous use of the word ‘Ingénue’, it must be explained that I have always been known to be supportive of the female equality of status at all levels.

My career in human resources management speaks adequately to the promotion and development of women professionals. The concern expressed in my letter, however, was really in respect of the selection process – which, incidentally, overlooked other female professionals in the said Ministry.

Nor was there any indication of the last Foreign Minister being consulted – a consideration inconveniently overlooked in other commentaries. The latter, however, have conceded the critical need for relevant experience, albeit akin to named predecessors.

In the final analysis all are agreed that the learning curve is as long as it is wide and arduous – an undertaking which we are advised falls within the capabilities of the new Minister.

We could only wish her well.

Yours faithfully,

E. B. John  

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