Timing of PPP action against SARA officials suspicious

Dear Editor,

The application to the court aimed at removing the State Assets Recovery Agency Director and Deputy Director reveals the lengths members of the previous administration are willing to go to avoid justice. The timing of these actions is deeply suspicious, given the current case against the Pradoville 2 property of the former President. This represents a blatant attempt to undermine the work of the Agency by blocking the legal process to rightfully reclaim government property.

It seems the former attorney general, rather than face the consequences of his clients’ alleged unlawful acquisition of millions of dollars of property, would prefer to avoid the matter entirely. These tactics cannot delay the inevitable justice that the Guyanese people deserve.

The PPP/C has aimed to undermine both SOCU and SARA since the coalition came to power, fearing that their endless misdeeds would come to light. It is telling that the current presidential candidate, Irfaan Ali, has not one but nineteen charges against him in the courts right now, all pointing back to the same Pradoville 2 scheme.

The double standard the PPP/C is trying to impose by questioning these two dedicated public servants is obvious. How can members of an administration that refused to hold local government elections speak about accountability and transparency? How can they talk about respecting our country’s democratic institutions? They can’t, because they clearly don’t respect them, and the Guyanese public knows this to be true. Guyanese will not be fooled by these constant attempts to dodge inevitable justice.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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