NIS to introduce mobile money platform for self-employed persons

Dear Editor,

The National Insurance Scheme yesterday hosted a Compliance Workshop for Senior Managers, Office Managers and Compliance officers from its fourteen offices across the country.

The workshop is one of Management’s interventions and continued efforts to enable compliance officers to plan and execute their day-to-day activities effectively.  Many strategies were discussed, the major being, making payment easier for self-employed contributors across the country via the mobile money app.

The mobile money platform provides an alternative payment method for self-employed persons. Instead of visiting the NIS office in order to remit contributions,  individuals can make their payments from a mobile device; internet-enabled device and any mobile money  location.

This service seeks to improve compliance among the self-employed population by addressing the main complaint of having to leave their businesses for an extended period in order to make their contribution payments.

This training was done to provide details as to how the system would operate from the perspective of the self-employed persons as well as what steps the employees of the NIS must take to ensure verification of payments and their incorporation into the NIS.

Brief remarks were made by the Chairman of the NIS Board Mr. John Seeram while presentations were done by the General Manager of NIS, Ms. Holly Greaves, the Finance Controller, Ms. Rita Scotland, The Manager, Research and Information System, Mr. Keith Fileen and GTT Representative Mr. Chapman.

The launch of the initiative is slated for June 2019.

Yours faithfully,

Dianne Lewis Baxter

Publicity and Public Relations Officer

National Insurance Scheme


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