GEB guard was not performing duties at Republic Bank

Dear Editor,

Please forgive this belated response to Stabroek News’ May 11th article headed `GEB Security guard accused of discharging firearm granted bail.’ This report is inaccurate where in your article it is stated that armed guard Garnett was performing duties at the Republic Bank when he discharged a firearm, which resulted in the pellets hitting and wounding several persons.

Neville Garnett is a Supernumerary Constable, who was processed and trained in all aspects of firearm training by the Police, a facility we have benefitted from for many years.  Garnett has never worked as an armed guard at the Republic Bank and the actual incident occurred inside of GEB vehicle GJJ 3485 while it was parked some distance from the Republic Bank on the road, parallel with the pavement.  The fact is the weapon was being unloaded and pointed to the floor of the vehicle when it accidentally went off boring a hole in the floor of the vehicle, hitting the asphalt of the road and a few of the ricocheting pellets came into contact with two persons, slightly grazing one of them who has since been compensated by GEB.  No medical was necessary.

This missive is intended to respectfully request that incidents such as this which happen from time to time, be fully investigated and reported more accurately for our clients and of course the public, all of whom rely to a large extent on the excellent and accurate reporting by your esteemed journal.

Yours faithfully,

Maurice Amres

Chief Executive Officer

Security Services Inc

Editor’s note: The SN report presented the facts as outlined in the prosecution’s case. Further, this incident occurred on March 2nd and despite Stabroek News having contacted the company on the said day for a response, none was forthcoming.

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