Progress report needed on investors’ interest in closed sugar estates

Dear Editor,

In SN of Saturday 11th May, there is this long self-evaluation of the performance of the APNU+AFC Coalition, after four years in Government.

Amongst others, the latter would appear to express satisfaction with their performance in relation to the sugar industry. Yet after more than one year, the NICIL-SPU mechanism does not appear to have succeeded in bringing the promised investors’ interest to the closed estates. Surely it is now time for a definitive progress report on this exercise.

In the meanwhile, it is to be noted that the recommendations of the high-powered Commission of Inquiry into the sugar industry seemed to have been deemed irrelevant.

The same indifference has been displayed to the extensive Commission of Inquiry into the Public Service.

Is the Government in a position to celebrate the implementation of a single recommendation from the Report?

At the same time, teachers remain in the same archaic construct of compensation and conditions of work as obtained five decades ago.

Yours faithfully,

E.B. John

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