This increase should have been applicable to all NIS pensioners

Dear Editor,

Earlier in the year, when the announcement was made by the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) that pensioners receiving $30,000 monthly would have received a further $2,000, as of January, 2019 on their monthly pension, it was reasonable to assume that this increase was going to be across the board, calculated based on a percentage, similar to what has been done with the workers— the higher your salary, the less you get percentage wise.  But from all indications and information gathered, those of us that are above the minimum pension rate are not going to get an increase on our pensions.

While it did not escape my attention, the good work the Social Services Ministry has done by increasing the Old Age Pension and Public Assistance over the last four years, when I compare it with the increase given by the former administration, I am yet disappointed that all NIS pensioners were not given an increase.

It should be remembered that those of us who are far above the minimum level had to make more sacrifices by contributing more than those who are now at that lower level, whether we were self-employed or employed by the state or the private sector.

Most of us would have even requested that during our last five years, we pay more to the NIS, with the understanding that our pensions would be at a certain level.

While I feel that my fellow pensioners at the lowest level deserve the increase, it should have been applicable to all of us.

Archie W. Cordis

NIS pensioner

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