Dear Editor,

Over the years I have read about the deterioration in the quality of education in Guyana yet I could not believe my eyes upon reading a letter and subsequently an article in recent editions of the Stabroek News.

In the last paragraph of a letter captioned “Chief Parliamentary Counsel denies abuse allegation against AG” (SN of May 16, 2019), the writer states  

“I considered my name mentioned in this letter  (referring to a letter in another publication) to be an attempt to cause disharmony to the normal, cordial working relationship between the Hon. Attorney General and I”. It is appalling that someone of the status of Parliamentary Counsel with designations of SC and CCH, not be familiar with the basic rule of English grammar to know that  between should be followed by an objective pronoun (in this case) me. Is this individual responsible for the drafting of legislation?

The other item is an article captioned “UG unions say have ‘no confidence’ in Pro Chancellor” (SN May of 17, 2019). According to the article,    a statement from the University of Guyana Senior Staff Association and the University of Guyana Workers’ Union called on staff and students to “adopt a stance of non-corporation with any policy directive, request or instruction emanating from the Vice-Chancellor”. If the above quote “adopt a stance of non-corporation…” is accurate, then the Vice Chancellor has nothing to worry about. Were UG lecturers involved in drafting that statement? If so, one would have expected such learned individuals to know the difference between non-corporation and non-cooperation, and if they do, at least they should be more careful to avoid embarrassment to the institution and its alumni.

Yours faithfully,

Harry Hergash

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