GECOM Chairman did not address cardinal issues

Dear Editor,

I refer to a letter by Justice (Ret’d) James Patterson, Chairman of GECOM, published by Stabroek News on 25th May, 2019, in response to mine published by Stabroek News on 24th May, 2019.

The vitriolic characterization of my missive as an “annoying creed”, “cowardly and reprehensible”, “puerile interruptions” and “unnecessary political humbug”, inter alia, repulses the aura of sophistication that the author so anxiously intended to convey in his epistle. In the end, vituperatives aside, the readers were left with a litany of condescending and supercilious self-proclamations. The tutored are not impressed by such hubris.

The truth is that one who professes such immaculate probity and inviolable political detachment should never have accepted that aberrant unilateral appointment of the Chairmanship of GECOM, amidst the turbulent political controversies that engulfed the antecedents to the eventual appointment.

That he has used the pivotal casting vote to espouse the cause of the Government nominated Commissioners on every issue of moment renders his dubious appointment evidently more ominous and jaundiced.

The claim that he was the Chief Justice of Grenada has left an ineradicable scar on his personage.

In the circumstances, the plea that he is neither a minion nor a factor of any, and the gloat that he executes his mandate “sans favour”, rings hollow to the attuned ear and is sans credibility to the adroit mind.

It is most unfortunate that the embattled Chairman omitted to address the cardinal issues raised in my letter.   

Yours faithfully,

Mohabir Anil Nandlall MP


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