Dear Editor,

On Friday, 17/05/2019 I was in a minibus travelling from Anna Regina to Charity when another passenger sitting next to me was enquiring from me the fare from Anna Regina to Charity. Maybe he was travelling that route for the first time. Looking around in the bus there was no fare structure displayed anywhere in the bus as required by law. All that I could have told the man is that I would sometimes pay $200 and at other times the conductor demands $260.  It is like different bus, different price.

On that day in question we both paid $260 as demanded by the conductor, while other persons paid $200 and were verbally abused by him (the conductor).

In the Stabroek News of Thursday 11th April, on page 13 there was a full page advertisement of the approved Fare Structure for various routes and Regions by the Consumers Affairs Division of the Ministry of Business, signed by one Muriel Duke and the President of the United Mini Bus Union signed by Mr. Eon Andrews.  The question is weren’t the mini buses in Region 2, Route # 21 included, or am I to believe that the commuters in this region have been left to the mercy of the unfair and unscrupulous drivers and conductors.

Yours faithfully,

Archie W. Cordis

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