Dear Editor,

The recent ministerial or Cabinet outreach in Region 2 (Pomeroon-Supenaam) at Damon Square can be termed a resounding success so far, and I say “so far” because there are some issues that were addressed almost immediately, but of course others would take some time.

The crowd was more than what most of us expected and was very orderly. The system for having one’s concerns aired was well thought out, and for this, the organisers, particularly the Regional Executive Officer (REO) Mr. Dennis Jaikaran, must be commended.

It was good to see our Prime Minister, the honourable Mr. Moses Nagamootoo, assisting his staff by talking to the people and making notes of their issues and concerns. The same can be said of other ministers.

The Public Security area— as expected —had lots of people, but what was noticeable was the presence of the top brass of the Guyana Police Force— the Commissioner of Police Mr. James, The Crime Chief and Deputy Commissioner Mr. Alves, and Deputy Commissioner Ms. Graham, along with other Senior Superintendents and Superintendents of Police. Our Commander of ‘G’ Division, Mr. Khali Pareshram, was on hand as expected, and was providing immediate answers and solutions in many cases.

The ministers, after that part of the visit was concluded, went to various locations where a lot of announcements were made pertaining to developments that are in the pipeline.  I was taken aback when a group of persons or known People’s Progressive Party (PPP) supporters were seen picketing not far away from where the ministers and staff were engaging the public. I was wondering if their time would not have been more beneficially occupied if they had engaged the subject ministers with a view to having their concerns addressed.

Yours faithfully,

Archie W. Cordis. 

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