Reckless to be walking with a child among moving vehicles

Dear Editor,

My condolences to the grieving family of seven-year-old Ciara Benjamin who recently met her demise on the East Bank highway. However, it is ridiculous and reckless that one would be walking with a child among moving vehicles, on a busy highway. Also, it occurred at rush hour. Even adults need to be cautious and hesitant to venture there. Children tend to try to break free from another person’s grip. However, apparently the couple had already crossed over a part of the highway to the median. I assume that Ciara’s mother was not aware that her child was being led to the highway. The law should be applied as it would be in any developed society whereby punitive measures should be meted out to Ciara’s aunt.

The videos taken and witnesses at the scene of the accident, should assist the police in rounding up the thugs who attacked the driver of the truck. The one wielding the huge stick and attacking the driver, should be identifiable by the man who tried to stop his attack. The tardiness of the police in arriving on the scene shows the paucity of police patrols being positioned at regular intervals throughout the country. This is essential on our highways to curb speeding and prevent crime, especially in areas where crime has been known to prevail. Where are the large numbers of  vehicles that our government has been receiving for the police force?

The Commissioner of Police was seen on television commenting on the gruesome accident and its aftermath. He said that no one less than the President has said that vigilante justice has no place in Guyana. Actually, vigilante justice has no place anywhere in the world or in a decent, civilised society. The Commissioner should have looked into his own moral conscience and found it inappropriate to seek to quote that statement from the President. He  possesses the autonomy and responsibility to pursue justice in this matter without anyone else’s  intervention or verbal support.

Yours faithfully,

Conrad Barrow

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