Dear Editor,

Now that they have announced that the 2019 CPL finals will once again be held in Trinidad & Tobago for the 3rd consecutive year, they may as well give the champions trophy to the Trinidad & Tobago Knight Riders.

I realize that it’s all about the mighty dollar and maybe one day when the oil money begins to flow (hopefully) into Guyana, Guyanese would be able to see a final or two in Guyana.

All Guyanese should be mad at this eye-pass.  Matches in Guyana have all been sold out since the CPL inaugural season 6 years ago. No other country can boast the same.  Test matches and ODIs are played in mostly empty stadiums across other Caricom countries while the Guyanese cricket fans, who have always been most supportive are deprived of the opportunity to see international matches live in Guyana. I understand that India will play at least one ODI match in Guyana.  Maybe that is a start, but really, it is not enough.  How much longer must Guyanese fans endure the obvious eye-pass by the powers that be in Cricket West Indies?

Yours faithfully,

Mohamed Z. Rahaman

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