Road from McDoom to Agricola poses many traffic hazards

Dear Editor,

I would like to make some observations with respect to the stretch of road from the McDoom gas station to the arch at the end of Agricola.

Day or night, it’s a difficult road to travel and caution must be exercised. Travelling south or north in the right lanes, oncoming lights blind you to pedestrians/cyclists crossing over and between the walls.

Travelling south on the inside lane, trucks parked at the tire shops and vehicles coming out of cross streets and merging into lanes are disasters waiting to happen.

Travelling north and on the inside lane, holes on the road by the police outpost and vehicles parked by popular shops and merging traffic, pose the same risks as above.

The road stretch is a race track up to the Rahaman bend going north, and from DSL going south.

Speed limits should be proposed, pedestrian traffic lights considered, and wardens for kids and elderly folks implemented. The economic cost is too high when accidents occur.

The lives taken, inconvenience to commuters, robberies, damage to property, gasoline consumption and the delay of vehicles travelling to the airport, home and business—all are significant. And the police are stretched thin at the time, not to mention when there are shows at the stadium.

I appeal to you to take action. You are capable of a solution.

Yours faithfully,

David Gomes

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