World Cup semi-finalists will be England, India, Australia and West Indies

Dear Editor,

The 2019 Cricket World Cup is in full swing and we have had some riveting and exciting matches to date and to pick a winner is no easy task. But I will venture to say that the semi-finalists will be England, India, Australia and the West Indies.

The West Indies can win the World Cup, but there are a few things that they need to work on. Firstly, they have to improve on their death bowling, especially the last 10 overs. Identify two or three bowlers to carry out that task for the rest of the tournament. And please, not Brathwaite or Nurse— it should be Cottrell, Holder and either Roach or Russell.

They also need to improve on their shot selection, especially Gayle, Pooran, Hetmyer and Russell. When you already have nine or 10 runs in the over, why go for another six? They need to work on the mental aspect of their game.

And finally, I still feel there is no place in that team for Brathwaite and Nurse. Those two are passengers. Nurse is very poor in the field, dropping catches and misfielding too often and his bowling is mediocre. Whilst Brathwaite is a so-called all-rounder, he is neither a batsman nor a bowler.

Anyway, I wish West Indies all the best and come July 14, they will lift the trophy. Best of luck guys!

Yours faithfully,

Imtiaz Baccus

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