Greater part of our development programme rests on shoulders of youth power

Dear Editor,

1 wish to congratulate the First Lady Mrs. Sandra Granger on assisting enormously our young people to progress their welfare in the relevant areas of today’s life. She, too, has committed and dedicated herself to join in the (Primum Agmen) vanguard of youth improvement in Guyana.

The key to such improvement will be absolute discipline, training and education. Consequently, with these ingredients in view, the youths will be able to unlock their potential. Such a process must be engineered continuously, and not continually, if real progress is to be achieved. Guyana really needs these rudiments.

About sixty percent of Guyana’s population is under twenty years of age. This is a revealing, striking and significant fact. It emphasizes the dependence of the nation upon the contribution of its youth for its immediate and future growth, progress and prosperity.

The Government is taking positive steps to stimulate and encourage our young people into challenging and meaningful action. Moreover, they must blend their efforts by learning, working and playing together, irrespective of politics, race, status or religion. Thus, some degree of understanding, love and unity can or will be had.

Again, strict discipline, intense training and serious education are, undoubtedly, the hallmarks for rich pride to exploit their many and various resources of mind and body constructively. Furthermore, this will foster and encourage national development, which Guyana tremendously needs.

The greater part of our

development programme rests on the shoulders of youth power to be ambitious and to pledge their all-out support in nearly every area of production.

Additionally, we all need to see our Co-operative Republic of Guyana emerge from chronic difficulties, and hence enjoy being proud of harmony and national unity.

Yours faithfully,

Autry A. Fernandes

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