Second annual Mash Futsal competition launched

Tournament coordinator Esan Griffith collecting the championship trophy from Director of Sports Christopher Jones following the launch of the 2nd Annual Magnum Mash Futsal Championship yesterday at the Windjammer Hotel, Kitty. Also in the photo are representatives of Ansa McAl and players from several competing teams.

With the opening night confirmed for February 2nd at the National Gymnasium, the 2nd edition of the Magnum Mash Futsal Championship was officially launched yesterday at the Windjammer Hotel, Kitty.

 Speaking at the launch, Esan Griffith of tournament coordinator Sanns Sports stated that he expects discipline to be showcased by the competing teams, as the event is being used as a vehicle to advance social cohesion.

According to Griffith, fans should expect a wonderful and safe tournament, as security is the main priority of the organizers in their attempts to stage a successful championship…..

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