Belize game great opportunity for local players

—says Golden Jaguars assistant coach Pollard

Charles Pollard

Golden Jaguars Assistant Coach Charles ‘Lily’ Pollard says that local players have a fantastic opportunity to prove themselves ahead of the final squad selection for the CONCACAF Nations League clash with Belize later this month.

“Thumbs up to the GFF – this is a massive camp for these local guys. It gives them the right chance and opportunity to be part of the programme and the history that is about to be made for Guyana. Times gone by, we always called these local players a week before and tried to get them fit which we know is impossible for footballers. Thumbs up to the GFF for this long 8 to 10-week preparation,” said Pollard.

Guyana will faceoff with 13th placed Belize at the National Track and Field Centre, Leonora in a must-win clash in the CONCACAF Nations League on March 23…..

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