Johnson says objective completed as Golden Jaguars lose 1-3 to Suriname

The Golden Jaguars preparation for their upcoming  CONCACAF Nations League Belize fixture suffered an untimely setback after they lost to traditional foes Suriname 3-1 yesterday in a friendly international at the Pierkhan Stadium, Nickerie, Suriname.

Golden Jaguars head-coach Michael Johnson during a post-match comment said, “The objective was completed, we wanted a tough fixture and opportunity to see the players in a tough fixture to see who can deliver and who may not be appropriate. Moving forward, we know exactly who we are taking with us.”

According to Johnson, “The play could have been better. If I can give you an analogy, you can do as much sparring as you want and when you get in the ring it’s a different thing. They needed rounds and today was a round. What it gives us is clarity in our selection process. Everyone looked brilliant in training but now we can select the team based on the clarity of today’s game.”….