Uprising fails to rise to the challenge

Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ East Coast zone..

Melanie-B goal scorer Odell Gulliver [center] trying to maintain possession while being sandwiched between two Liliendaal Hustlers players at the Haslington market Tarmac in the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ East Coast Demerara Championship Saturday.

– Defending champs eliminated after group losses to Belfield Warriors, Paradise

A new champion will be crowned in the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ East Coast Demerara zone after the defending champions Uprising were sent packing on Saturday, following two group losses at the Haslington Market Tarmac.

The mammoth crowd which descended on the venue to support their team, left disappointed, as the youthful outfit were outmaneuvered in both of their matches, failing to display the imperious form which led to their reign.

In their opening match, Uprising went down to Belfield Warriors 0-1 on penalty kicks after a scoreless regulation time finish…..

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