Banks Beer/Trophy Stall league gets cracking today

Trophy Stall’s Ramesh Sunich, presents Banks DIH Managers, Jeoff Clement and Brian Choo-Hen with trophies for the event.

The lucrative Banks Beer Softball League (BBSL) in Essequibo gets underway today from 9am at the Affiance No.1, Reliance, Walton Hall and Queenstown grounds with preliminary play.

Sponsored by the Trophy Stall of Bourda Market, the competition has at stake $150,000, $100,000, $75,000 and $25,000 for the top four teams.

The league will be contested in a 15-overs-a-side format and teams must purchase three cases of Banks Beer to enter the competition.

Action will continue on Arrival Day with the second round of preliminary games

At the Affiance No. 1, Pomona and Reliance grounds where the semi-finals will be decided.

The semifinals and final will be held May 12th at the Affiance ground from 11:00hrs.

Apart from the Trophy Stall, Banks DIH is the other main sponsor.

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