Guinness street football resumes tonight in Linden

The Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Linden Championship will resume today at the Silver City Hardcourt Tarmac with a second night of group action.

Meanwhile, Wednesday’s matches, which were postponed due to heavy rains, will be staged on Sunday at the Mackenzie Tarmac. According to the tournament coordinators, “It was (a) disappointment that no matches were able to be hosted but you can’t control the weather. We have to be cognisant of the players safety which is paramount in the tournament. The fixtures remain the same so the teams are expected to arrive at the venue to compete.”

The release further said, “We expect another thrilling night of action which is expected to captivate the fans who are expected to descend on the venue in droves.”

The constant rainfall on Wednesday rendered the Mackenzie Tarmac unplayable for the competitors and, as such, the tournament coordinators in conjunction with Banks DIH Limited, decided to reschedule the matches.

Today’s matches kick off at 19:30hrs with Wisroc opposing Presidential. Barsenal will engage High Rollers at 20:00hrs and Coomacka will battle Quiet Storm from 20:30hrs.     The fourth match will pit defending champion Silver Bullets against Retrieve Unknowns from 21:00hrs, while Amelia’s Ward Russians oppose Haynes Hitters at 21:30hrs and Swag Entertainment takes aim at Dave & Celina’s All-Stars from 22:00hrs.

The tournament is being contested in an initial round-robin format featuring four groups of four teams. Upon the conclusion of the group stage, the top two finishers will advance to the knockout round.

Group A comprises Assassa Ballers, Amazings, NK Ballers and Capital Storm, with Group B featuring Amelia’s Ward Russians, Quiet Storm, Coomacka-B and Haynes Hitters.Group C, meanwhile, consists of Silver Bullets, High Rollers, Retrieve Unknown and Barsenal, whilst Swag Entertainment, Dave & Celina’s All-Stars, Presidential and Wisroc make up Group D.

The other playing dates are May 5th, 10th, and 17th, with the grand finale slated for the 24th. Below features the fixtures for the May 3th and May 5rd matches.

Fixtures: May 3rd – Silver City Hardcourt

Wisroc Vs Presidential – 19:30hrs

Barsenal Vs High Rollers – 20:00hrs

Coomacka Vs Quiet Storm – 20:30hrs

Silver Bullets Vs Retrieve Unknown – 21:00hrs

Amelia’s Ward Russians Vs Haynes Hitters – 21:30hrs

Swag Entertainment Vs Dave and Celina – 22:00hrs

Fixtures: May 5th – Mackenzie Tarmac

Quiet Storm Vs Haynes Hitters – 19:30hrs

Capital Storm Vs Assassa Ballers – 20:00hrs

NK Ballers Vs Amazings – 20:30hrs

Wisroc Vs Dave and Celina – 21:00hrs

Swag Entertainment Vs Presidential – 21:30hrs

Silver Bullets Vs High Rollers – 22:00hrs

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