World Cup 2019 and West Indies’ chance against Australia

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Brian Cumberbatch

What I see in this World Cup is it got a lot of upset, no one team ain’t getting a run to the final ok, you got to play. With Australia and West Indies don’t bother with all duh talking we gun see when Thursday come what gun happen ok game don’t play in the pavilion it does play on the pitch. West Indies all the way!

Lawrence Adonis

I think it is a very exciting World Cup so far and I think West Indies got a good chance cause we got players that could pull it off you know it’s a team work so we got players to pull it off in the World Cup. Against Australia gun be a tough one but we got to play well once we play well we gun be ok.



Robert Persaud

The West Indies got a real good chance we got a lot of quality players with a lot of experience and that is what is needed for the World Cup. We got a more experienced side that Australia and I think we should beat them…..

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