Last Update: 526.85                                               Movement: 0.002%
Currebt Update: 526.84                                        YTD Movement: -2.33%

The Lucas Stock Index (LSI) declined 0.002% during the third period of trading in February 2019.  The stocks of three companies were traded, with 87,993 shares changing hands. There was one Climber and one Tumbler. The stocks of the Demerara Bank Limited (DBL) rose 1.77% on the sale of 10,561 shares. On the other hand, the stocks of Banks DIH (DIH) declined 0.64% on the sale of 31,853 shares. In the meanwhile, the stocks of Sterling Products Limited (SPL) remained unchanged on the sale of 45,579 shares. The LSI closed at 526.84.  

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