Last Update: 574.96                                                Movement: 8.16%
Currebt Update: 528.05                                           YTD Movement: -2.56%

The Lucas Stock Index (LSI) declined 8.16% during the first period of trading in March, 2019. The stocks of five companies were traded, with 321,129 shares changing hands. There were three Climbers and two Tumblers. The stocks of Banks DIH (DIH) rose 2.05% on the sale of 290,505 shares. The stocks of Republic Bank Limited (RBL) rose 2.50% on the sale of 22,500 shares, and the stocks of the Guyana Bank for Trade & Industry (BTI) rose 0.17% on the sale of 1,150 shares. On the other hand, the stocks of the Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) declined 34.78% on the sale of 7,164 shares. The stocks of Demerara Tobacco Company (DTC) also declined 0.10% on the sale of 10 shares. The LSI closed at 528.05.

In previous trading, the LSI rose 9.13 percent during the fourth period of trading in February 2019 and closed at a value of 574.96.  The active stocks were DDL, DIH and DTC with the sale of shares totaling 50,513.

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